Hotel Policies

Cancelation Policy: 

The cancelation policy in all our hotel rooms is 2 days prior to arrival, this means a booking can be cancelled free of charge for up to 2 days prior to arrival, after this point the full amount of the booking may be taken in the event of a cancelation or no show. We pre-authorise all guest card details for the full value of the booking 7 days prior to arrival.

When booking a self-catering suite, apartment or townhouse our accounts department will charge the cost of the 1st night of your reservation at the time of booking to confirm the reservation and the balance is to be paid 14 days prior to arrival date. If cancel up to 14 days prior to arrival the cost of the 1st night will be used as cancellation fee and if cancelled within 14 days of arrival date, the full amount of the booking is payable.

 A damage deposit will be pre-authorized from your card at the time of check-in, which is equal to €25.00 by the maximum number of people that the suite, apartment of townhouse can host, as described for each accommodation type or €100.00 damage deposit in respect of accommodation types with a maximum occupancy of up to 2 people. On departure the deposit will be refunded/transaction voided provided that no damage has been done to/in the property and our house rules has not been broken. For full house rules, please refer to the House Rules section listed below.


Special Offers Cancelation Policy:

When booking any of our special offers the guest pays 50% at the time of booking as a non-refundable deposit and the balance is payable on arrival. The balance will be pre-authorised 7 days prior to arrival.

Group Reservation:

When booking group reservation our accounts department will charge 25% of the total value of the booking up front as a non-refundable booking deposit. No bookings are confirmed prior to this being paid. Once the 25% non-refundable booking deposit has gone through a confirmation email will be sent out which will outline all hotel information as well as the terms and conditions of the reservation. 1 week prior to arrival the balance payment is due and once paid this also becomes non-refundable.


House Rules:

Check out is 11AM (we need time to prepare the property for the arrival of our next Guests). Guests who ignore our check out times will be charged and this will be deducted from their deposit. If you require a late check-out time please contact reception and we will look into this for you as it depends on availability. Extra fees will apply if we can facilitate your late check-out.

Bellavista Hotel and Self-Catering Suites wants to ensure that all our Guests / Neighbours have a Good Night Sleep and with this in mind we would ask guests to respect others as we do welcome a large number of guests with young families and we want to ensure everyone who stays here respects each other. Please be quiet when returning home late in the evening, sound travels at night and there is nothing worse than broken sleep, especially if you are woken by loud noise. Please keep music/televisions at an acceptable sound level, your bedtime may be a lot later than other guests who have made plans for an early start to explore Cobh and the surrounds.

Parties are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED in our Self-Cater Suites & Townhouses, guests who do not comply with this RULE will be removed immediately, no exceptions, AND NO REFUNDS. Remember we are not providing accommodation for guests who think they can stay up all night drinking and playing music and talking, this is not what we are about and will not tolerate this behaviour. If you are in our Town House Suites then you must be aware that we have neighbours, some of whom are elderly and need to be respected, any call from our neighbours will result in your deposit being rescinded. Smoking Is Strictly Prohibited Smoke alarms are for your safety and must not be tampered with, if you are cooking all our apartments / townhouses have smoke extractors fitted over our cookers so like at home you must use these. If you set off the alarm, we then need to call a qualified electrician from Stafford Electrical who sign off that they have reset the alarm and it is safe for the next rental. A €100 charge applies if you set off a fire alarm either from cooking / smoking etc. If you decide to try and reset the alarm we will know as an error message will come up on the fire panel and only our electrician has the code to remove and reset this error message / warning light. Please do not tamper with our fire alarms, they are installed for your safety.

Full service of our Self-Catering apartments is done ONCE A WEEK for long-term stays. Housekeepers will change the towels every second day normally but in case you need, they can change them before. Please make sure you leave the dirty towels on the floor when the service is required. Housekeepers will call and collect rubbish from your apartment each morning. Please make sure your rubbish is in the appropriate recycling bins as we take recycling very serious here at Bellavista Hotel & Self-Catering Apartments. If your rubbish is not sorted in appropriate bins as provided, a fee will be charged and taken from your deposit as our Housekeepers will have to segregate it otherwise our Refuse Company will not collect same. We have provided correct bins in apartments for recycling items so there is no excuse for mixing the rubbish. Please help us retain our Green Award. Food must be separate, no plastic or glass or anything else in this bin (Please see refuse recycling instructions attached and use our bins provided as labelled). Put the glass items in the appropriate bin (red). Plastic, paper, tin cans and all other recyclable material in the recyclable bin. Pizza boxes also to be put in a separate place. Do not flush or deposit feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, nappies or paper hand towels in the toilet.

A security deposit is required at the check in time if you haven’t paid this at the time of booking. This equivalent amount will be refunded on departure provided everything is ok in the apartment/townhouse and if all the above rules have been fully respected. Please report any items Broken/Damaged upon arrival. Breakages & Damages will be charged for, as we will have to replace items immediately for next Guests. We do ask you to leave the apartment/townhouse in a clean, presentable manor as apartments/townhouses left with an excess of rubbish & bottles, dishes & kitchenware unwashed etc., a cleaning fee will be charged, TO YOUR CARD or deducted from your deposit. This townhouse has been booked for a certain number of guests so if more people stay in this property WE MUST BE NOTIFIED as there are particular regulations in relation to safety that we need to respect (extra charges may apply).

Thank you so much and have a wonderful stay.